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Hi Folks

It costs money every month to run this website. The more people use it, the more it costs to run.
Also, like you, I have to make a living. Any time I'm working on this site is time not spent doing my regular job.

This website has been paid for over the years mainly by me and my father, and maintained by me.
I've spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours maintaining it over the years.
We have also accepted donations in the past which helped defer some of the costs,
and at your request, we are making this donation page available.

The more you donate, the less I have to do other work to survive, and the more time I can
spend making this site better. I've always had big plans for this site, but not enough time
and money. Trying to survive has a way of sidetracking me from things I'd rather be doing.

This is where you come in.

With just a small monthly donation, or an occasional larger donation, you’ll help me a lot.
After all, the site has a lot of users, and a lot of small donations add up.

If GCFC was a magazine that came to your mailbox, how much would you pay to read it every month?
What about every day?

The bottom line is – If GCFC is a part of your life, please consider supporting it like you
support any other business that is a part of your life.

I am grateful for your participation. -CL

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