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Thread: See the First Albino Blue Marlin ‘Ever Recorded in History’

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    See the First Albino Blue Marlin ‘Ever Recorded in History’

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    If that is true it is really a "once in a lifetime " event!!
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    wow, how cool! I just got that sent to me in email.... anything can be possible...

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    that would be awesome to see up close!!!! of course i'll be glad to have ANY marlin up close for now.

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    The IGFA has confirmed that the "albino" marlin recently caught off Costa Rica is in fact a blue - and it's leucistic, not albino: "Although common names for marlin generally focus on color (e.g., black marlin, blue marlin, white marlin, etc.) color is typically not the best feature to use in identifying billfish. Especially in this case! The shape and size of this marlin’s dorsal and pectoral fins clearly indicate that it’s a blue marlin even though it’s not blue at all. The eye color - black, rather than red or pink - also indicates that this marlin is leucistic (which is a reduction in pigmentation) rather than albino." Either way, it's still a beautiful fish!
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    Beautiful fish for sure. Tag & release or on the wall would be the tough choice.

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    Very Beautiful Fish Glad they Let it go to swim another Day!!! and Maybe Make more Beautiful Baby,s for the Future and For others to See!! Thanks for the Post Frank!!!!
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