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Thread: Help ID, Edge, Spur, Nipple

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    Help ID, Edge, Spur, Nipple

    I've uploaded a cool map (IMO) of the Gulf of Mexico.
    I labeled it 1-11 and A-G

    Where do you call the edge?

    Where do you call the nipple?

    Where do you call the spur?

    Just thought it would be a helpful lesson for me and others....
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    FYI - The pinkish Triangles in the lower left corner are GPS coordinates off of MBT Divers website for the edge. Do they look correctly placed?

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    good post...maybe someone can's another decent 3D map...

    Name:  GulfofMexico3D.jpg
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    They used to have charts in Academy and some of the local bait shops that could answer your questions! The charts contain public wreck numbers on them! However, not everyone calls some wrecks the same thing. The edge is basically the area where the shelf initially drops off. 26-28 miles out. The Nipple and the Spur are named based on the same principles! People fish them like live bottom. Some have their own secret spots.
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